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17 November 2014

Latest round of 29 helmet results released

CRASH has today published ratings for the latest 29 motorcycle helmets comprising 19 full-face helmets (including 5 flip-up helmets), 8 open face helmets and 2 dual purpose helmets. Below is the list of helmets tested this year.

Rjays GP3 +
Arai Defiant
AGV Corsa
Shoei NXR
Shoei GT-AIR
Shark S700
Bell RS-1
Bell Star
M2R M1
LS2 FF350
RXT Assen/Viper (T503)
Kaboto (OGK) Aeroblade III
Nolan N63
M2R 225
Bell Custom 500(OF525)
Bell Rogue
Shark Raw
THH T388
Rjays Navona TSS (OF540)
Sparx FC07 Scooter
Nolan N43E
Shark Evoline 3
Shoei Neotec
LS2 FF386
HJC Symax 3
M2R 901
Arai XD4
Oneal Sierra

Check the new rating results now.