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18 October 2017

Latest round of 30 motorcycle helmet safety ratings released

CRASH has today published ratings for the latest 30 motorcycle helmets comprising 15 full-face helmets, 10 open face helmets and 5 dual purpose helmets.

New protection and comfort level rating systems are also introduced this year.
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Below is the list of helmets tested this year.

Arai QV-Pro
Arai Axces-3
Bell Race Star
Bell Qualifier DLX (MIPS)
Shoei RYD
Scorpion Apache
Nolan N87
Dri Rider D-Sport
Airoh Movement
Kabuto Kamui
LS2 FF324
Rjays TourTech 3
Airoh Rides
Arai Freeway
Scorpion Baron
RXT Challenger
DMD Vintage
Shoei J.O
LS2 OF562
M2R 290
AGV Fluid
Caberg Riviera V3
Leatt GPX 5.5 V.03 (MIPS)
O’Neal 2 Series
Fox V3 (MIPS)
Bell Moto 9 Flex (MIPS)
Airoh Terminator 2.1

Check the new rating results now.